Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Updates On Things

I'm tired and lack the creativity to come up with a better title.  I have a terrible habit of mentally spreading myself too thin because my mind is kinda like pinball and not like a laser beam.  So in doing that I've wound up getting myself so overwhelmed it's been difficult to get things done I need to get done.  I had a mini break down type thing.  Basically had a crappy day, cried a lot, and talked about it.  Now I feel like I'm ready to push through and get stuff done.  

Honestly, I hate internet logistical stuff almost as much as I hate math.  To put this in perspective for those who don't know me, I spent many of the nights I had math homework crying in frustration over it.  I actually really enjoy the design part.  I get a lot of gratification from it.  It's like making  a large piece of art that has moving parts that all work together.  

I have a bare bones understanding of html and css.  Basically enough to get me by with minor hiccups on the internet.  I also have a knack for figuring things out just by looking at them for long enough.  Unfortunately that is not nearly enough.  

I feel like web design started out how cars started out.  Relatively easy to repair on your own then as time went by people saw a way to make money and with technological advances it just became so convoluted only people who got some serious education or experience were able to figure the system out.  

I had it so close.  So very close.  Then when I uploaded my template (basic instructions for the website's layout, colors, functions, etc.) joomla said it was out of date.  I literally laughed and cried at the same time.  Still not entirely sure why I laughed.  I think it's because this entire thing is positively ludicrous.  

I've decided I want to give it a go with wordpress.  I need to do more research to be absolutely sure.  The website will still have the same address as before.  It will just look different.  I've decided if I like wordpress I'm going to make a template in artisteer on saturday (boyfriend has artisteer on his comp).  I just don't want to settle for a wordpress theme when I just don't care much for the ones offered.  

I've not worked on art in so long it's pitiful.  I'm not giving up on it.  It's far too important. It's just taken a back seat to figuring out the web stuff.  In other happy news I'm getting a new tablet for Christmas and I'm very excited because it will open up a lot of new possibilities for me artistically with my digital art.  :)  Fancy tablets don't do the work they just give you more room to grow than a basic one does.  They can pick up on strokes in a lifelike way which is awesome.  Digital art is a good fit for me because I can do it laying down or reclining so no stress on my back.  I still want to illustrate traditionally because I enjoy it.  I just like the look of digital art too.  So both are good.  :)  

I'll try to be better about staying on top of this in the future.  

One last thing about the jewelry.  I fully intend to have the new necklaces up by tomorrow evening.  So check storenvy soon.  :)

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