Sunday, September 1, 2013

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration is something we all seek in one way or another.  It's also very personal and a broad topic. Ask several people how they get inspired and I can guarantee there will be some very different answers.  So today I'm going to talk about what inspires me and break down my creative process a bit.

Inspiration and creativity have always been nebulous concepts to me.  Probably because I feel the same about art in general.  It's difficult to give art a concrete definition.  If you ask one person they'll tell you there is nothing artistic about post minimalist sculpture you ask another person and they will tell you it's the highest art form.  

For me, inspiration, much like art, comes in all sorts of packages.  I find inspiration in the vast majority of things.  I have a collection of pictures I've taken while out and about that range from fabrics and produce to broken glass and classic cars.  I take all these pictures because there's a lot of beautiful colors, patterns, and even great lighting references to be found all over the place.  I'm inspired by anything that I find to be aesthetically pleasing or anything that speaks to me on some level or another.  

Music is another thing that is a huge source of inspiration for me and emotion is a big driving force behind my art.  Especially anything that is very poetic sounding.  I also love instrumental music as well.  A lot of times I close my eyes and just let my imagination go.  I picture so many different things in my head when I listen to music.  

Surrounding myself with images from other artists I really admire is another way I stay inspired.  When I look at things that are really beautiful it makes me want to go and apply myself and hone my own artistic skills.  Being really open minded with what sort of art you like helps you to be more flexible in your own work.  Or at least that's how it's worked for me. haha.  Being open to many different aesthetics and not just one style, look, or feel can be very instrumental in helping an artist define their own style.  

Here's some examples of pieces that really inspire me- (all of these are links on deviantart and all are clean and safe for work!!!  Just fyi haha)
Honeysuckle Moon by Coyote Mange, Insecurities by Astridle, Mandarin Fish 2171 by Sooper DeviantL'aurore by BluminaThe Last Snow by PixieCold, Orion by ApofissUse The Experience Wisely by Starwalt DesignWater Dreams by Aeternum-ArtTears In Heaven by KuschelirmelTime Never Lost by Emerald DepthsOrange and Blue by Katie AlvesXVIII by KiwixSleeping Beauty by Charlie BowaterPainting Pictures by PhatPuppy ArtRio Cool by BurtnSyoku by KoyamoriSomeone Like You by Rona KellerSketchbook Page by Lady 2Tea Spirit July French Earl Grey by MobilePants.  

For me a huge part of art is trying to show others how you see the world.  Van Gogh, Dali, and Monet are classic artists I really admire for this reason.  They all had such different views of the world around them.  Viewing the world through a different lens is a big part of being an artist.  To see the beauty and complexity in things that others find to be mundane is really brilliant and lovely.  When I make art that's what I want to bring to the table.  I have a lot of cool pictures in my head that I want to share with others.  I love bringing the visions in my head into the real world.    

Well, that's a bit about how I feel about inspiration and art in general.  I feel like I barely scratched the surface but that's enough for now.  :)  



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